Full-Mouth Restoration for Patients in and Around Athens, Georgia

Good oral health and an attractive smile are not a hopeless cause. If your teeth suffered extensive decay, disease, or injury, we can help with comprehensive full-mouth restoration. If you or your loved ones have these needs, you want a dentist who has the training and experience to provide precise care. 

A thorough discussion with you, along with a comprehensive examination, will allow our doctor to assess your teeth, gums, and bite to determine areas of concern as well as what you hope to accomplish. X-rays, digital photographs, dental models, and bite simulators are commonly used to help identify problems in detail and arrive at amazing solutions.

In a follow-up appointment, we will show you our findings and point out the problems. Your comprehensive full-mouth restoration plan will include options such as esthetic restorations, dental implants, or other prosthetics, cosmetic dental therapy, and/or non-surgical TMJ therapy.  Our doctos will discuss your options with you and help you choose the best course of action for your unique situation. If you need help with insurance filing or financing, our business office team would be happy to assist you.

Don't give up on your smile! Statistically, edentulous patients (those without teeth) do not live as long as patients with teeth. Furthermore, when decay and disease are left untreated, they can spread and cause life-threatening health problems, such as stroke, heart attack, and pre-term or low-weight births. Schedule your private consultation to discuss full-mouth restoration. Our Athens, GA office is conveniently located on Athens’ east side at 1155 Cedar Shoals Drive; see our map here.