Thorough Diagnostics

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Would a cardiac patient want heart surgery without the surgeon first thoroughly examining him to know everything possible about his health? We think not. And the same applies to the dental patient. We believe that the path to dental health begins with a thorough assessment. Any treatment without a thorough assessment beforehand can be easily ambushed by the unknown. And no one likes surprises.

Our assessment begins in a non-clinical area with a complete discussion regarding your expectations, needs, concerns, and goals. He will listen, ask relevant questions, and carefully listen again. And if you would like, you will have plenty of time to question him. The process of mutual trust begins here.

After this valuable discussion, we will move to a clinical room where we will perform an oral cancer examination. This is followed by a visual examination of your gum tissue and bone, bite, TMJ and related muscles, and teeth. Other tests that are sometimes (but not always) used depending on need are Kodak digital X-rays, transillumination, DIAGNOdent, Canon digital photography for smile analysis, dental models mounted on a bite simulator (Kavo articulator), Kodak Dental Imaging, CT scans (iCAT), transcranial X-rays (X-rays of the jaw joint), and MRI.

Our team will then assimilate all of his findings and put them into a written report that will be mailed to you. Our goal is to have this in your hands within one week. After you have reviewed the information, we will meet with you to discuss the findings and your treatment goals. Out of this discussion, we will arrive at a plan for treatment. You can be assured that if any treatment is needed, we will recommend it just as we would for member of our immediate family.

We look forward to making a positive impact on your smile. Contact our Athens dental office to schedule an appointment.